Top 5 Office Holiday Party Tips 

It’s that time of the year again! Companies are having holiday parties and other events for employees. Some parties are very elaborate with no expense spared and other parties consist of gathering in a small room for several hours with punch and a cake from Wal-Mart. It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum your office party falls, the same tips apply. Here are my top five tips to survive your holiday party.

1. Change clothes but keep it classy.

Holiday office parties can be an opportunity to show your creativity or your inner fashionista. Don’t come to the party looking like you’re about to clock in and sit at your desk. Change your clothes and spice things up a bit. Show your personality and fun side, but keep your outfit, accessories, and makeup (for the ladies) classy because your coworkers will talk about you in the shadiest way possible.

2. Don’t blame it on the alcohol!

You may enjoy a drink or two, but you should know your limits. You don’t want to lose your decorum and start dancing on tabletops or swinging from chandeliers. At the end of the day, you’re still with your colleagues and company executives. You don’t want a vision of you falling flat on your face be the first thing that comes to mind of HR if there are hopes of a promotion in your future.

3. Party like a rock star.

It’s not every day that companies throw parties so take it all in; enjoy all that it has to offer because quite frankly office parties are team building, and everyone loves a team player! Participate in all of the corny games and contests. Bonus points if there’s a DJ and a dance floor. Get out there and dance like nobody’s watching!

4. Make a new friend or two.

It’s cool to hang out with your usual work friends, but company events are also opportunities to network. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. You never know how the new people you meet can help you in your career or be someone you can become friends with outside of the office.

5. No more drama and have fun!

This is not the time to continue water cooler conversations from the previous day. No one wants to hear all that! It’s time to have some fun. Leave that drama at the office. Besides, you never who could be nearby listening in to your conversation. Just enjoy the party and have fun!

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