Your Mouth Should Be Tired

pexels-photo-451230.jpegYou could be employed at McDonald’s as the fry maker or you could be the CEO of a massive organization; one thing is for certain: there will be turnover – voluntary or involuntary. What I find interesting are the conversations that take place once someone has left a company.

When you were there, you were the best fry maker and you seasoned those fries to perfection; nobody could do it better. Your co-workers talk trash to you about the last fry cook and tell you how they fried them too hard or didn’t put enough salt on them. They may even go as far to tell you that they are so glad you’re there because the fries have never been seasoned for the gods!

Listen- they may actually like you, but all that other stuff is pure bullshit. The moment you leave the company, you will be casted in a negative light. They will say things like “your fries had so much salt on them that people got high blood pressure.” “You didn’t know what you were doing.” So forth and so on. I’ve been working since I was 16 years old, and I have yet to hear good things 100% of the time when someone left the company.

Maybe you didn’t know what you were doing – not everyone knows everything about their role. This is why training is important. If you’re properly trained and have all the technical and human resources needed to perform your duties, then mistakes will be minimized. Not completely avoided – we’re human – but minimized.

I’m no exception. I know some of my successors keep my name on their mouths like liquor. This is way out of character for me, but I’m human and I get fed up too. I’m tired of hearing my named being dragged through the mud so I wrote a poem for anyone who wants to tell former co-workers to keep your name out of their mouth after you’ve left a company. And if you’re feeling bothered after hearing this, then I’m talking to YOU!!


Your mouth should be tired of talking ’bout me
I have since long been gone
Do your job & stop worrying ’bout me
Sis, it’s time to move on

You think you’re so wonderful
You think you’re so great
But the moment you leave
All you’ve done is classified second rate

Everyone left at the company
Who sing your praises now
Will act like you contributed nothing
Just ask me – I certainly know how

Because I heard the same shit
About the people before me
But I took the high road
And showed restraint and integrity

I didn’t bad mouth my predecessors
I tried to understand their thought process
You, on the other hand
Try to bash and disqualify me every chance you get

I think your constant mentions
Are just signs of your insecurity
You wish you had the relationships I’d built
I think deep down, you wish you were me!

No need to pull me down
To make yourself look good
Just do your damn job
Because your smears and lies, all I withstood

Your mouth should be tired of talking ’bout me
I have since long been gone
I’m doing my job – ain’t thinkin ’bout you
Sis, I’ve long moved on!

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